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2018 Publications

8. K. Elumeeva, M. Kazakova, D. Morales, D. Medina, A. Selyutin, G. Golubtsov, Y. Ivanov, V. Kuznetzov, A. Chuvilin, H. Antoni, M. Muhler, W. Schuhmann and J. Masa
Chemsuschem 11, 1204 (2018)
Bifunctional Oxygen Reduction/Oxygen Evolution Activity of Mixed Fe/Co Oxide Nanoparticles with Variable Fe/Co Ratios Supported on Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes

7. B. Sarac, Y. Ivanov, A. Chuvilin, T. Schoeberl, M. Stoica, Z. Zhang and J. Eckert
Nature Communications 9, 1333 (2018)
Origin of large plasticity and multiscale effects in iron-based metallic glasses
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6. L. Bulusheva, S. Stolyarova, A. Chuvilin, Y. Shubin, I. Asanov, A. Sorokin, M. Mel'gunov, S. Zhang, Y. Dong, X. Chen, H. Song and A. Okotrub
Nanotechnology 29, 134001 (2018)
Creation of nanosized holes in graphene planes for improvement of rate capability of lithium-ion batteries

5. M. Freire, M. Diaz-Lopez, P. Bordet, C. Colin, O. Lebedev, N. Kosova, C. Jordy, D. Chateigner, A. Chuvilin, A. Maignan and V. Pralong
Journal Of Materials Chemistry A 6, 5156 (2018)
Investigation of the exceptional charge performance of the 0.93Li(4-x)Mn(2)O(5)-0.07Li(2)O composite cathode for Li-ion batteries

4. J. Pascual, I. Kosta, E. Palacios-Lidon, A. Chuvilin, G. Grancini, M. Nazeeruddin, H. Grande, J. Luis Delgado and R. Tena-Zaera
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 122, 2512 (2018)
Co-Solvent Effect in the Processing of the Perovskite:Fullerene Blend Films for Electron Transport Layer-Free Solar Cells

3. S. Lopatin, B. Cheng, W. Liu, M. Tsai, J. He and A. Chuvilin
Ultramicroscopy 184, 109 (2018)
Optimization of monochromated TEM for ultimate resolution imaging and ultrahigh resolution electron energy loss spectroscopy

2. Y. Fedoseeva, M. Dubois, E. Flahaut, O. Vilkov, A. Chuvilin, I. Asanov, A. Okotrub and L. Bulusheva
Physica Status Solidi B-Basic Solid State Physics 255, 1700261 (2018)
Effect of Hydrogen Fluoride Addition and Synthesis Temperature on the Structure of Double-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Fluorinated by Molecular Fluorine

1. M. Kazakova, V. Kuznetsov, S. Bokova-Sirosh, D. Krasnikov, G. Golubtsov, A. Romanenko, I. Prosvirin, A. Ishchenko, A. Orekhov, A. Chuvilin and E. Obraztsova
Physica Status Solidi B-Basic Solid State Physics 255, 1700260 (2018)
Fe-Mo and Co-Mo Catalysts with Varying Composition for Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube Growth

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